How popular are browsers on Android and iOS?

Over the past few years, I can’t seem to go back to browsing the web without some sort of mobile/ tablet device. Now, when I want to browse the web on a tablet or smartphone, I usually turn to Google Chrome because it is the best. Why? Simply put, it’s BOLD. Without a doubt, there are many “tabbed” browsers on the market, but not as “FIREST” as Google Chrome. While you might be able to browse the web with a few other browsers, there are just too many extra add-ons and plugins to the already powerful browser to make it a real competitor.

Google Chrome – the clear winner in the browser war

Google Chrome is the clear winner in the browser war, by far. It will take the browser market by storm, and by the end of the year Google Chrome will be the top free browser on Android and iOS. Google Chrome has an impressive collection of features, and the best feature of all is that it is EXTREMELY SECURE. I say that with great power comes great responsibility. If you have ever suffered with a browser leak or security bug, you know how frustrating it is to try to find a page. Security is one of the weak points of any browser, but Chrome has spent plenty of time making sure it is locked safely in as few ways as possible. The collection of add-ons means that you can pretty much do anything you might want with the browser.

The Weak Point of Internet Browser

The weakness of web browsers is the fact that users are forced to trust a third party when they install a browser. Users often give the browser a lot of credit card information, and click on what they want. This allows hackers the opportunity to install outside of their favorite programs. Chrome needs to prove itself as a powerful competitor in the browser war, but needs to keep its integrity. If it happens to be the one most popular browser, users will most likely stick with it. However, being the number one free browser would mean that users would be more inclined to download Chrome.reserved for personal browsing, Chrome is still the preferred choice by users. While it is clearly more secure than Internet Explorer, Chrome’s user-friendly reputation is still torn. Many find Chrome’s setup wizard process to be a bit too complicated and unrewarding.

The Future of Chrome OS

Google’s Chrome operating system isn’t going to be the future of all computers. Microsoft is hard at work trying to secure its operating system, Windows 8, against the advances brought forth by the Linux based operating systems. Google’s entry into the operating system market has made waves across the nation as well, and now Apple and Microsoft have an interest in blocking Google’s progress. That said, Google’s Chromebook will be a great option for budget-conscious businesses that want to extend the life of their computers, and Dell’s is the preferred option for small business computers. Both of these new computers are still better than the average PC, and could provide all the features an everyday computer user could ever ask for. The future of computers is wide open.