Top 20 Most Expensive Azuki NFTs Ever Sold

Azuki beans are a staple in East Asian cuisine. They are primarily grown in China and Japan but are also grown in the United States. They are usually cooked and eaten as a rice topping or in desserts. Azuki beans are one of the few Japanese foods to have made it into the United States, but there are others. Not many, though. Top Dog, a Japanese company that exports Japanese products, looked at their databases of prices, sales, and shipping costs across 30 international countries. They then narrowed their list down to the top 20 Most Expensive Azuki NFTs Ever Sold.

Azuki #4588

The Azuki #4588 is an adjustable, single, and triple-tiered shelf that adjusts to Cocobolo’s shape. The shelf is made of Honduran mahogany and designed with straight lines. It features several convenient and hidden design features.

Azuki #7749

Azuki #7749 is an indie game developer who decided to do just that: Azuki founded her own company, and with a team of five, she developed a game that many critics and fans alike consider to be a mobile masterpiece.

Azuki #2794

Azuki 2794 is a logical continuation of our Polish history of tea. As part of an ongoing search for purity and originality, we’ve decided to take our tea in a different direction. This tea symbolizes a new chapter for us. New challenges, new improvements, new flavors, and most importantly, new tea.

Azuki #6370

The Azuki #6370 is the most stylish compact jewelry case we’ve found. It removes the fear of carrying your jewelry around with you at all times. For just $39, you get a chic, wooden, pearlized compact with a velvet interior that opens up into a jewelry box with five compartments for all your jewelry.

Azuki #308

The Azuki #308 is a German typewriter built by Azuki Typewriter from 1957 to 1965. It’s portable with a detachable case and a simple adjustable case latch; it was one of the first portables to use Japanese cartridges.

Azuki #3338

Azuki #3338 is a light beige color, with fine beige-greenish undertones and a matte finish. This warm beige tone has been described as medium beige, has golden undertones, and would make the ideal neutral shade to complement blues, greens, and Aquas.

Azuki #8865

This Azuki #8865 speaker is compact, ideal for small spaces, and, best of all, it produces a surprisingly loud sound at an affordable price. I haven’t seen a mid-tier portable speaker that’s this cheap or this good in ages.

Azuki #3140

Azuki 3140 is the latest in food technology to appear in stores. It turns the cake into a drinkable “extra creamy” beverage with the texture of frozen custard. The drink uses a special technology called whipping, developed for use in doughnut shops, that churns ingredients at high speeds to turn the mixture into a thick foam.

Azuki #9605

“Azuki #9605” is a bittersweet narrative about a 15-year-old boy in a high school in 1990, full of emotions such as innocence, confusion, pain, and coming of age. The player is put in the shoes of Takumi, who heads to an island in Kyushu upon receiving a letter from the company he works for.

Azuki #6451

Azuki #6451 is an unusual, untraditional red from Dior that evokes a cherry. It has a highly pigmented formula between a stain and a gloss. The color payoff is a little disappointing, but there is something about it that is irresistible.

Azuki #3259

The Azuki 3259 is a sleek, handcrafted bowl with a refined shape that fits perfectly in your hand. This bowl is unique and contemporary, but the simple design makes it suitable for multiple uses.

Azuki #2174

The Azuki #2174 is an oval-shaped sake with a sweet fragrance of yuzu and a medium body that goes down easily. It is made from Yamada Nishiki rice that is milled and kneaded and has a rice polishing ratio of 2-4 percent, yielding a sweet and smooth sake with a buttery finish.

Azuki #6624

Azuki #6624 is mesmerizing. His long eyelashes are full and thick, and his soft blue eyes are mesmerizing. His big brown bottle-shaped ears are alert to whatever is happening in the room, whether it be a high-pitched squeal or a big yawn.

Azuki #4690

Azuki #4690 is a light, refreshing red, but don’t let that fool you: this Japanese Sake is a full-bodied beer with rich notes of fruit, nuts, and chocolate. The soft finish has complex notes of melon, cream, and spice.

Azuki #4841

This Azuki #4841 is from our Asian Collection and measures 4 1/8” x 3 1/2” with a 1” deep dome. This bowl is handmade from clay and is decorated on the interior with underglaze enamel and exterior with underglaze blue.

Azuki #3491

Azuki #3491 is on a quest to find the Myst. But, first, she has to obtain her MystBoxes, first by finding and defeating the MystMaster.

Azuki #4363

The Azuki #4363 is a ceramic bowl handmade by master artisans. The bowl’s design has a rustic aesthetic that will add character to any table or buffet. The Azuki bowl is dishwasher safe, but hand wash is recommended.

Azuki #3628

Azukis #3628 and #3629 were hatched on April 5, 2018. They are chestnut brown tabbies. Azuki #3628 is wearing a crocheted sweater with a white fluffy sleeve and a matching hat and boots. #3629 has a crocheted scarf.

 Azuki #5558

Azuki #5558 is a handcrafted copper pendant created with the intention for the wearer to connect with the earth and with the ocean. It has been handmade and hand-painted by recycling dry vessels and bottles from the Toyama Prefecture in Japan.

Azuki #4666

Azuki #4666 is a hybrid hatchback with seating for five adults. It has a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 163 horsepower mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

Azuki is a rare commodity in the world of trading, and any single transaction is completely unique. Each NFT is uniquely yours.

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